What are the Top Winchester Gun Safe Accessories to Buy?

woman hand opened a safe, close up

Winchester gun safes are steel safes from the top gun company, Winchester, which make it better to keep safes protected. Winchester gun safe accessories are designed to improve the condition and internal climate of the safe, and make it more organized. These are offered to decorate your safe as well as make it more functional, so that the experience of safekeeping your guns is enhanced. Find out about some of the top accessories to buy for Winchester gun safes.


It can reduce the level of humidity in the safe, and get rids of moisture from the internal air of gun safe and vault by producing heated air in little amounts and circulating them through the inside. It is perfect for humid areas of environments. You can operate it through the power cord hole that can be found on the rear part of the safe. It runs on 110 V AC. It comes with mounting brackets and fast plug attachment that can be installed easily.

Large Door Panel Organizer

You can keep small valuable objects, documents, gun accessories, handguns etc neatly arranged with this door panel organizer. It can be installed quickly and easily, and can fit any Winchester safe that measures 19 cubic feet. It allows you to access handgun pouches fast. The organizer has zippered thermal lined pockets, and you can keep sensitive papers stored safely in a fire-resistant area. It measures 46.5″ H x 16″ W in dimensions.

Magnetic Barrel Rest

The barrel rest lets you hold as many as 3 guns lean against the safe and rest in a secure way. You can get an easy and smart solution for safely and easily holding your weapons. It is attached to the safe with strong magnets that are rubbed-backed, and protects the finish of the steel safe. The rubber keeps the weapons protected.

Stealth Entry Light

It makes it easier to see the keypad or dial of your Winchester safe easily even in dark or very dim-lit areas. It consists of 3 LED lights that are super bright and can easily illuminate your electric keypad or dial in safe. It has flex-head and magnetic base. The accessory is powered by battery.

Pistol Rack

It can hold as many as 4 guns at the same time. The rack has a coating that is soft-touch in form and does not ruin your guns’ soft finish or scratch their surface in any way.