Biometric Handgun Safe Review – Which Ones to Go For?

handgun in drawer

As a handgun owner, you should maintain the responsibility to store it well – away from kids and other unauthorized people. With a good handgun safe, you can keep your guns by your bedside or even take them along with complete assurance that nobody will be able to access them. It makes no sense to have a handgun safe that is complicated and time-consuming to open – such as those with key locks, electronic locks or mechanical locks. With a safe consisting of a biometric lock, all that you need to do is put your finger on its biometric scanner to open it up. You need the best gun safe.

Gunvault Microvault XL MVB1000

It comes with a fingerprint scanner, and can be programmed to as many as 120 varied prints to let every member in the home be able to access a gun in case of an intrusion in the home. The gun safe has a foam-lined inside that prevents any damage to the pistols if they accidentally slide. You can also keep license and other important papers inside. It can be opened in fully dark surroundings, and has enough space for multiple handguns along with additional cartridges. But it lacks a carry-handle.

Locksafe Biometric Pistol Safe

It consists of a sensitive fingerprint scanner that draws power from a 9V battery, and beeps while your fingerprint is scanned – although this beep cannot be shut off. It can be programmed to as many as 10 prints. Even with a dead battery, the safe can be opened with any of the included 2 backup keys. The safe can open more quickly than many other models. Its inside is foam-lined.

Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault

It is a battery-powered biometric gun safe having an LED light indicator to notify when the battery power is low. It has an A/C adaptor that lets you power it on an A/C, and allow you to save the battery for more time. Its inside is foam-lined. As many as 10 fingerprints can be programmed. However, you need to reprogram the safe if the connection to the A/C outlet is lost.

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

It might be small in size, but has enough room to contain a semi-automatic handgun of full size. The safe can be accessed with just one hand without any noise, due to its super-noiseless mechanism. However, it has a short battery life.