About me

Hey there as you might already know my name is Webber and I made this blog to make people conscious about the importance of safety at home. I have a story to share with you guys…The reason why I created this website.

Long before I started this blog I was just a common family guy. Those who think something bad will never happen to their families and take their security for granted. I used to think ‘well I live in a good neighbourhood, I have good relationships with the people around me, I’m not crazy rich and we have a big dog. We’ll be just fine’. Well let me tell you that I was completely wrong.

One day, 2 years ago I got up early kissed my wife and kids and left for work. Usually during the day time our house is empty since kids are in school and my wife is also at work.

┬áThat day my wife had to go back home since she forgot her wallet. She went inside and around 5 minutes later 2 masked guys broke into the house. they may have thought nobody was there but the found my wife. She very scared couldn’t control herself and started screaming as loud as she could, but this made the burglaries more desperate and anxious. The worst part is that the had a knife and to stop my wife from keep screaming he stabbed her in the belly before the ran away. You cannot possibly image how scared, sad, horrified and guilty I was when I found out about what happened to her.

This is why I decided to create this blog. To try to inform people about the best ways to protect themselfs and their family. And to let you know that security cannot be taken for granted. Life of your beloved ones cannot be taken for granted.