What are the Top Winchester Gun Safe Accessories to Buy?

Winchester gun safes are steel safes from the top gun company, Winchester, which make it better to keep safes protected. Winchester gun safe accessori

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Biometric Handgun Safe Review – Which Ones to Go For?

As a handgun owner, you should maintain the responsibility to store it well – away from kids and other unauthorized people. With a good handgun safe

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Security Cameras For Your Home

When getting into home brew and if done in a big way you may need to be careful of who is coming to visit. Not every country in the world it is legal

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Hi there! My name is Webber Brown

I blog about security at home and how to keep your family safe

Some stats about burglaries

Burglars usually avoid houses with security systems

But only the 17% of homes have one in place.

Break ins are most likely to occur during the day time

Burglars take advantage of the time during the day when people is at work or running errands. 6% more than at night time.

Around 30% of burglaries involve a weapon

And around 27% of the time someone is at home when it happens.

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